Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

It is a professional version for personal use for everyone. It has a full range of functionalities in the field of creating reports, summaries and management dashboards. It is a perfect solution for people who start their adventure with Tableau. With Tableau Desktop, you will get to know the advantages of the product, connect to each data source, make all statements, analyses, managerial reports, financial statements, etc.

The Tableau Desktop application is based on the ground-breaking technology of Stanford University that allows for the analysis of data in the drag-and-drop technique. Just click the mouse several times to access the data from which you will create a clear visualisation on the interactive dashboard. The application is really easy to use therefore every Excel users will learn it fast.

The results of using Tableau:

  • You will make decisions faster and better
  • You will learn new possibilities and solutions selected in the generated data visualisation
  • You will be able to determine the possible costs of introducing new solutions
  • Your company’s revenues and ratings will surely increase

IT managers and employees are happy to use Tableau because this application makes business analysis easy, fast and affordable, and what is important, users can use it completely independently. Tableau allows the user to fully control the analysed processes and provides IT security.