Tableau Stadium Show

Tableau Stadium Show

Tableau Stadium Show is a cycle of one-day, free Tableau workshops held at popular stadiums in Poland. During one-day workshops, our experienced speakers will familiarise participants with basic operations in Tableau.

One day of the Tableau workshop is enough to understand and start working with the software. The participants will learn how to work with Tableau:

• connecting data from various sources and importing it to Tableau or how to work on-line,
• creating data visualisations using Tableau,
• creating tabular reports with conditional formatting,
• designing interactive dashboards,
• working with statistical functions and more :-).

So far, our Tableau workshops were organised in Poznań at the Inea stadium, at the Cracovia stadium in Kraków, at the Energa stadium in Gdańsk and at the PGE National Stadium in Warszawa.

Tableau Stadium Show is a great opportunity to take the first step learning the latest Business Intelligence tool, which still is and for years has been a leader in its category.