Tableau training

Effective data analysis and visualisation in a single day!

Who do we organise the training for?

We direct our training to people for whom data analysis is an important aspect of work. Do you work in sales, marketing, finance, analysis or maybe in IT? If your competences include keeping statistics, preparing analyses or presenting data, the training is for you.

What will you learn?

  • Connecting data from various sources and importing it to Tableau or working on-line
  • Effective data visualisation methods
  • Data presentation on geographical maps
  • Grouping, sorting and creating dynamic filters
  • Creating tabular reports with conditional formatting
  • Basic calculations
  • Using parameters in calculations
  • Designing interactive dashboards
  • Working with statistical functions

Dedicated training courses

If you are interested in other training topics, please contact us to arrange a dedicated training.The training can be organized online or in your company, at a convenient time. Trainings are adapted to different levels of participants.